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With the organised protests of president Trump, I do wonder what would have happened if the protesting started when the two nominees were officially announced.

It also makes me wonder why people were so surprised when Trump won. The other candidate was under investigation from the FBI, found to have fixed the democratic party candidate election and is socially accepted to have killed 47 people.

Both to me seem like horrible people, but that is a slippery muddy slope I don’t want to climb today. Nope, I want to talk about one particular issue that has me the most conflicted over all others, the issue of UFO disclosure.

From what I have seen, I don’t think Trump will be the ‘UFO Disclosure’ President, and its not hard to see why. So far – when presented with the topic of UFO’s – his response has been to ignore the question, or to say that he’s not a fan of outer space when asked about Hillary wanting to investigate Aliens and Area 51.

If Hillary had become President, investigated Aliens and disclosed that information to the world, who would believe her? And what would she say? People believe many things about Aliens, from it being statistically improbable that we are alone in the universe, to UFO abduction stories, Foo fighters in WW2, communicating with Aliens through meditation and summoning UFO’s on a hill top with their mind. When Gary McKinnon hacked the US space command in 2002, he said that he found a list of non-terrestrial officers who he believed were part of a secret space battalion.

What would disclosure mean to people who have been abducted? Would a President telling them Aliens are real make the experience more valid? And what about the Scully’s (including the ones who would not believe in Aliens if they were taken by plutonians and placed in a space zoo on the edge of the solar system)?

One thing that could change with disclosure is how people who step forward about UFO’s are treated. There are a lot of stories about visits from the Men in Black or government vehicles pulling people over after they witness a UFO.  The people who step forward about their encounters often have their lives – and the lives of their families – threatened, and a lot of those stories end with strange deaths (some of which are reported as suicide). I don’t think its hard to imagine certain cases would come bubbling back to the surface if the President said the Aliens have been visiting us and governments around the world have been keeping this secret.

There are other reasons why people wouldn’t want to start telling people about their close encounters. Official documentation that has been released, including New Zealand’s own UFO files, tell us professionals who experience UFO’s are afraid of coming forward due to the risk of losing their jobs and facing public ridicule. It is possible that any politician that said ‘we have been visited by aliens for years’ would face the same ridicule, or wind up being suicide’d by the MIB before they could.

“Remember, it has to look like an accident”

If everything I have read about UFO’s is true, these advanced alien races have been really patient with us. I really can’t think of any form of activism more passive-aggressive than leaving crop circles on remote farms as  a means of telling humans to respect the environment.

There are numerous accounts of UFO’s disarming and arming nuclear war heads. If Trump remains President for four years, I’m sure Extra Terrestrials will have lots of opportunities to fuck with him. After hearing about the UFO wave in Turkey last year I like to think of them as jerks who pretend they don’t know what they are doing when they really do know exactly what they are doing. It creeps me out when I think about how US TV shows now refer to Thanks Giving as “Turkey Day”.

I would like to take this opportunity within my first blog post ever to say; if I die in strange circumstances, especially if I have been reported to have killed myself in an impossible way, please know I would never end my life in secret, absurd and selfish way.

That being said, nothing I have said above is new information. I have learned all of this information from other sources. I don’t have any new evidence, but if you do, the best advice I can give you is to get it out in the open before your secret dies with you. If you have already told people, they don’t have anything to gain by getting rid of you.

I would also like to say that this blog post is not intended to make you think a certain way or to persuade you to think like me. I can only hope to make you think critically, maybe take your mind off the other things happening in your life (if only for a short while) or to make you laugh at my strangeness.

Thanks for reading,


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